Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Chrome Yellow Ring.....a Fun and Funky Surprise from the Kiln

Today's lesson is the wonder of glass....just when you think you know what something may come out like you get a little surprise.

At first I was surprised by how bright and vivid this yellow is, but the dichroic glass pops when combined with the sterling silver ring base I created. I have found that at shows people enjoy looking at my rings and have had much success with them.

Now I have a fun and funky ring to add to my repertoire! Do you dare?


SillyLittleLady said...

That ring is absolutely stunning! I LOVE the color and I LOVE the shiny and I LOVE the brightness!

Great job resurrecting your blog ;)

Andrea said...

Awesome creativity! I really like that.

Estela said...

I love the bright vibrant color!

Cara Mia said...

Great work! Nice to meet a fellow Etsian. I saw this ring on your site and was immediately drawn to it! Beautiful colors!


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