Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Antiquity Ring

Antiquity Ring
Originally uploaded by Destiny's Creations
This past Sunday I created this ring. I designed this ring for myself. I waited patiently for my kiln to cool so that I could try it on. To my dismay, I created it a size smaller than what I normally wear. So what brings me sadness will hopefully bring someone else lots of joy.

I was able to photograph it today after work. By the time I arrived home from work there was just enough sun left.

This ring was created with Art Clay Silver. Art Silver Clay is a combination of fine silver (.999 silver), organic binders and water. After firing it in my kiln, the organic binders dissipate and what is left is 99.9% fine silver.

I also created the dichroic glass that serves as the focal point of this ring. A layer of dichroic glass was placed on a base of green glass.

This ring is a hair shy of 3/4" in length. It is a solid ring and perfect for someone who likes to wear a bold ring.

It is a size 6.


w said...

oh my. that ring is gorgeous.

i'm sure someone with a size 6 finger will snatch it up real soon.

Pretty Fun said...

Wow, this is beautiful.

Amanda said...

very pretty! that's really too bad it doesn't fit you!


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