Monday, August 25, 2008

Nine Months Later.....

What can I say, by day I work as a paralegal....I write pleadings. How could I capture an audience and blog. So for nine months I stayed away.

Looking back at my last post, nine months I feel like I have come a long way with picture taking! I didn't want to get Adobe Photoshop because I had tried the download and at the time I couldn't figure out how to work the program. I downloaded the free photo software program Gimp...still no luck. Next came Picassa....ahhhh, alas it was sinking in. Now I have reverted to a combination of the two. I know where in my back yard to set up my photo booth and understand the capabilities of my camera. Nine months later here are my latest pics:

Photographing on white has been my biggest challenge, but with a ton of hours of practice its starting to sink in. Not all shots are 100% perfect (see the Viva Glam earrings, but it works - eventually I will retake them again to see if I can do better).

I also see the change in my designs. I promise not to stay away for another nine months. I am going to figure out away to incorporate this blogging thing into my life. Flickr has me paragraph and I am done. But it's time to join the craze!


w said...

your pics look great - and your jewelry is beautiful.

welcome back to the world of blogging.

(i was out of the blogging scene for 9 months. but not because i'm a paralegal. 'twas because i was a parapreggo).

Pretty Fun said...

Your pictures are great! Taking pictures of my product is my least favorite thing about listing items.


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