Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Custom Order Continues

Although I worked late at the office today I managed to take a small cat nap to wake up and complete my custom order. I brought all of my supplies for this project to the living room and created this bracelet while Rescue Me played in the background.

I shall digress for a moment and say if you haven't seen Rescue Me, I can't speak enough about the writing on this show. Every single show there is a scene that just gives you a good hearty laugh amidst a serious topic. However, after the episode ends you sit back and wonder what the creative writers are thinking when they come up with this stuff. They are genius. It airs Tuesday nights at 10:00p.m. on FX.

Now back to my bracelet. I knew that when I purchased these gems at the gem show whatever I created with them would be special. I will have to email my favorite gem dealer and let him know I want to see more stones that are fire treated in the fall. All I have left for fire treated gemstones at the moment are fire treated citrine and fire treated amethyst, which should also be fun to design with. With the long weekend ahead I hope to really dedicate the majority of it to creating new designs before the craziness of back to back shows begins.

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