Saturday, May 23, 2009

Give Me the Green Light

While the hubby goes deep sea fishing on Mijoy in Waterford, Connecticut, I took the time to photograph and work on some listings. Unintentionally, it appears that I have focused on working with green. Of course this is only 3 items out of the many that I have created as I prepare for my Celebrate West Hartford show in just 3 weeks, but it appears subconsciously I have been given the green light.

The first earrings (Shade Earrings) feature my first designs with glass enamel. I took the class last Saturday and can' wait to get to the studio to use the enameling kiln again! Enameling is something I have been wanting to try for quite some time, but haven't had the time for until now. I made a few things with swirls, fishies, dragonflies, and a crown, but I still have some finishing work on these pieces so stay tuned.

The Emerald City Bracelet and Earrings feature chrome diopside gemstones a great little find I purchased at a bead swap last Saturday in the early hours of the morning prior to my class. All the ladies brought their goodies and there was also a wholesale vendor who brought in all sorts of gemstones. I fell inlove with the unique barrel shape and as you can see wasted no time in designing with them.

From the ladies I swapped my copper and beads I have already designed with for watch faces, these stunning starfish swarovski crystals that have an amazing aurora borealis to them, and a couple other goodies. I have already made a watch and a pair of earrings with my trades.

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