Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fresh Country Air

It amazes me how we have managed to skip right over Spring and jump head first into Winter. After bribing my husband with breakfast at this cute little breakfast shop called Main Street on Route 159 in Agawam, I was able to convince him to take a nice scenic back roads ride with me to the Gem Show located at the Big E in Massachusetts.

I was like a kid in a Candy Shop, but I vowed to be good. I tried really hard to stick to a budget and limited myself to some really special treats. I went for fun summer colors and gemstones I had yet to see there at the show. Leslie followed me and was very patient as he priced everything for me while I made my final decisions.

I must have been at his booth for like an hour as my husband sat patiently by my dear friend Lis-el of Art & Soul Gallery. She was also there as a vendor as she is not only an artist, but also a distributor for Art Clay Silver.

So far I have created one pair of earrings since I arrived home, which I plan to take with me to my show tomorrow at my Jewelry Show for the Colchester Hayward Volunteer Ambulance. I plan to be there from 10:00a.m. - 3:00p.m. and am hoping to get one or two more pairs done before I have to start packing for tomorrow.

If I get a chance I will photograph my finds to share.

I am giving myself another hour and then it's time to pack up for the show! Hope everyone else was able to enjoy today and if you are in the Colchester area tomorrow, please stop on in and say hi!

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Brooke said...

good luck at your show!!!:)


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