Friday, September 5, 2008

Two Rivers Artisan Soaps

Today, I am taking a little bit of a break to talk about one of my favorite stores on Etsy....Two Rivers Soap. My love of handmade soap started about a year and a half ago on Ebay when I didn't even know Etsy existed. It was wintertime and my skin was feeling really dry and someone recommended that I try using handmade soap. Since then I haven't bought a single bar of commercial soap or shower gel, which I was addicted to.

I try and support not only local artists here in Connecticut, (I will tell you more about them som other day), but also my friends on Etsy. While I have tried many and there are several great soapmakers, there is something about Two Rivers Soap that I always make my way back to.

I have tried quite a few of her scents and highly recommend Love Charm (this quite possibly has to be one of the best soaps I have ever smelled & my hubby loves it when I use it too...bonus points). I am not a big fan of soaps that smell like food or patchouli...(she carries these also). My favorites tend to be fresh, clean scents or citrusy scents. Other favorites are Oceania (another one perfect for that special man in your life), Lemon Sugar, Energy, and Pink Lemonade.

Did I mention you can save on shipping and buy 4 bars get 1 Free for just $20.00. Icing on the cake is that shipping is only $5.00. I am down to 3 bars and my order goes in soon! :)

To see more of Two Rivers Soap, please visit her at

1 comment:

Chris and Samantha said...

That soap looks pretty! Thanks for sharing, I'm going to go check out their shop now :)


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