Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Today's Find......Cork and Cotton on Etsy

Today's post is kind of a quickie as I am getting ready for the Wethersfield Cornfest on Saturday. Every night I come home I am either pricing or creating as I like to keep my merchandise for each show fresh. I like to have new pieces for my customer's to view.

I have to admit I needed a quick break, maybe dabble in a little procrastination and I found this super cute downtown bag by Cork and Cotton. Not only is this a super cute handbag to refresh your wardrobe, but it's on Sale! It was originally $30.00 and now it's $25.00. It's a beautiful A-line purse created with Amy Butler. Definitely worth a second look!

To see more of Cork and Cotton's beautiful line of purses go to:

Now, I am off to work some more. :)

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