Wednesday, September 10, 2008

An Evening with Jan of Expressive Papers........

Another interview to share with the very talented Jan of Expressive Papers. I think her cards are the cutest. (I mean look at the card above - what a great card to give to a dog lover!) I had the pleasure of speaking with her about her work and want to share my interview with her with you all.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and your work.

First of all, let me thank YOU, Janice for kindly featuring my on your blog!

My name is Jan, and although not an artist by trade, I have been a craftsperson as long as I can remember. Growing up in Kansas, I learned how to sew in my local 4-H Club, and made many of my own clothes in my teen years and early twenties. Since then, I've tried out many crafts (most of them self-taught), including embroidery, tole painting (THAT didn't last long!), beadwork,
knitting, macrame, crocheting (I was an abysmal failure at that!) and counted cross stitch.

I'm also a lover of music and took piano lesson for many years. I enjoyed singing in several groups during high school and college, and taught myself how to play the guitar during the years that I was without a piano.

In my youth, my practical nature led me to pursue a nursing career, knowing that it would be more likely to meet my needs for financial independence than trying to support myself through my love of music, arts and crafts.

Now, thirty seven years later (I can hardly believe all that time has gone by!), after retiring from my day job (yes, I did become a nurse), my heart has led me once again back to my love of arts and crafts.

2. How did you get started making cards?

Six years ago, I left my long-time nursing position. Soon after that, one of my friends introduced me to scrapbooking….and I loved it! After a short while of doing scrapbooking, my interest and skills began to evolve to include the art of paper piecing and cardmaking. The REST, as they say, is history!

I've always loved giving and receiving cards, so creating handmade cards has seemed like a natural progression for me.

3. What inspires your work?

I get the inspiration for my cards and paper piecings from just about anything....beautiful scrapbook papers and embellishments, songs, movies, poems, quotes and sayings, nature, life events, my family, my friends, and my dogs!

I'm constantly cutting out pictures from catalogues, advertisements, brochures, etc., to use as inspiration for my cards and paper piecings. And I'm ever-watchful for fun or inspirational quotes and sayings to incorporate into my cards and scrapbook layouts. I love the sense of creativity and satisfaction that I get from making cards and scrapbook layouts/paper piecing sets and I love that other people enjoy my creations!

4. What are your top fashion & beauty must haves?

I guess my taste in clothes has always been for the timeless and classic look. I'm an avid SALE shopper, and I'm so proud of myself when I'm able to find great quality clothes for a good price!

But now that I no longer work outside the home, I'm more than content to LIVE in a good pair of jeans and short sleeve sport shirts in the summer and turtlenecks in the winter. I do most of my clothes shopping now via catalogues and the Internet. I shop LL Bean, Land's End, and I LOVE Coldwater Creek!

5. Where can we find your work?

I still do offer my scrapbook layouts and paper piecing sets and (occasionally) handmade cards and on eBay. You can search for any current listings by my eBay ID, which is "expressivepapers".

Lately, I mostly list my cards on Etsy, and the name of my Etsy Shop is Expressive Papers (

You can also check out my brand new Blog for examples of previous work and/or links to current Etsy shop listings: (

I also enjoy doing custom orders, and for custom requests, I can be convo'd through Etsy or e-mailed directly at

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Jan said...

Thanks SO much, Janice, for featuring my work on your lovely blog!


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