Sunday, August 31, 2008

An Afternoon with Artgarden on Etsy...............

In my constant browsing, I was blown away by the beauty of ArtGarden's work. This piece really spoke to me, but I assure you that to choose one favorite to share with all of you was extremely arduous. I just love her color palettes and decided to email her to learn more about her creative process so that I could share it with all of you. Below is our interview. To see more of ArtGarden's work, please visit:

1.)Tell me a little bit about yourself.
I live in Sonoma County California with my husband in a small town called Sebastopol. We just moved here from Maui about 3 months ago. We are still getting to know the place , it's a really big change. We also were in France and Italy for 2 months in between the move. I miss Maui everyday at this point , but we are finding some sweet places here too. I am pretty much always thinking about my creative ideas all day from the second I wake up in the morning until bed, so I'm very happy when I get to my creative time, and inspired by so many things. I'm always trying new methods and different mediums just to play and explore. It is my life pretty much, all this creative exploration and expression.

2.)Apart from creating things what do you do?
Aside from making art, I have been a massage therapist for 8 years, getting more into the Thai yoga massage and Shiatsu, taking lots of classes in Seattle and Maui.Other jobs I have done are landscaping and Organic farming, which I love so much, I love working with plants, they feed my soul more than just about anything I can think of.

I love to spend my time with my husband going hiking, exploring new places, gathering lots of creative ideas along the way, juggling, reading, and Salsa dancing or any kind of dancing. We have been doing Salsa dancing together for the last few years, not without a few bumps in the road, but it is so FUN . We just went out to a Contra Dance last night and had a blast.

3.)What first made you become an artist?
I first became an artist at probably age 4 or 5, when I started my love of drawing and coloring, like all the time. I spent a lot of my time as a child drawing and coloring, I remember watching my grandmother doodle and imitating her when I was really tiny. Maybe I got it from her.

In high school I got more serious about it, taking art classes, pottery, and jewelry. Finding that it was my nature to just be creative all the time, I have pursued many mediums in the love of color, texture and design. I've made and sold pottery, basketry, apprenticing with an AMAZING Stained Glass artist for 11 years, jewelry and art.

4.)What handmade possession do you most treasure?
My most treasured handmade possession would have to be our musical instruments, our handmade pottery we use for dishes, and my personal jewelry . Even though they are not hand made(by people anyway) but nature made, my MOST treasured things are my agate, rock and seed pod collections.

5.)Name your top five books.

________top 5 books:______________
The secret life of bees: by Sue Monk Kidd
Non Violent Communication : by Marshal Rosenberg
The Tao of Abundance : by Lawrence g. Boldt
Breadfruit : by Celestine Viate
The Fifth Sacred Thing : by Starhawk

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