Monday, August 13, 2007

A Blog in Progress

After a long day at work I went to my parent's house for dinner. Unfortunately, hubby couldn't join me as he was helping his brother paint a house. His brother is going to Vegas to get married on Thursday so he is helping him after work to complete a job he started.

My mom cooked the most delicious dinner. I know all kids love their mom's cooking, but my mom truly is an amazing cook - growing up I remember that whether it was a family gathering or a church get together everyone would come over to her to find out what she made. That tradition still continues today. I think she may have missed her calling as a chef!

After dinner I came home to a lonely house as hubby still had not returned. I am not the most "techy" of persons so I am trying each day to learn a little bit more about how to develop this blog page of mine. Luckily, I have a group of friends I have met on Etsy who are helping me learn something new daily. It's amazing how supportive everyone is with one another when the reality is that not many of us have met face to face. However, the Sellers on Etsy are wonderful and are always willing to help one another. With all of this help I am hoping to create a blog page that you will all want to visit often :)

I also found out wonderful news from one of my friends on Ebay. She has a wonderful line of mineral cosmetics, lip balms, fragrance oils, and lip balms and has been on Ebay for quite some time. Well, she has opened up her own shop on Etsy today:
Her products are amazing & her service is impeccable. (I cannot get enough of her lotion bar or lip balms...they have become part of my nightly beauty ritual) I am a repeat customer of hers and want to extend her the warmest of welcomes to Etsy.

Well, before I turn my blog into a novel, I will wish you all good night!! Until my next blog :)

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SignatureSterling~Untie the Ribbons! said...

Destiny ~ I will SO let you love your Patriots (both of my folks are from NE -- Mass. & RI! -- and most of my relatives still live there --- we're the "weird" side of the family that "came west" LOL!)....SO glad I looked at your blog again -- I am a die-hard BE minerals user for over 2 years so going to try out your recommended etsy store -- looks like a great option to BE!!! Thanks for the tip!!


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