Sunday, November 23, 2008

You Win Some....You Loose Some!

It all went awry when I found out my husband was going to be working this weekend. That saying you never had until it's gone became very true for me as I was unloading my car with all of my acutriments. It was a first year craft show, but I only did it because a fellow crafter called me and spoken volumes about what a good show it was supposed to be and how all of the other crafters I had met from my show in Enfield would be there. Although my hubby asked me not to go I always honor my commitments and just could not see myself being any different with this show.

So off I went. Luckily he had packed the car for me the night before. I arrived at the Craft Show and quite literally if there were more than 30 people that walked through that were non-crafters that was alot. The only good thing was that I found a Tastefully Simple representative and bought some goodies for her and found these beautiful scarves (one of which I am wearing in the picture).

Did I mention that the same person that recommended it to me did not show up with her crafts???

My dad did come and save me so that I would have to carry anything thankfully! It has been quite an interesting year of me making my rounds at the various Craft Shows, but along the way I have been taking notes of which ones I will do again and ones I will shy away from next year. Yesterday's was marked off of the list!


Deckled Edge Bindery said...

Sorry to hear about your show. I always chalk those up to a learning experience. Probably one I could have done without though!

Destiny's Creations said...

I have two that have been like this just absolutely dreadful, but for this one I was so exhausted from lack of sleep that it felt like a lifetime. I hope that there are no more like this one for either of us!! :)


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