Saturday, October 11, 2008

Windsor Lion's Arts & Crafts Show

I was at the Windsor Lion's Arts & Crafts Show earlier today and could not have asked for more beautiful weather. I heard many people saying it was the most beautiful weather ever for this show. After having been rained out at the last show, I just couldn't bare another weekend of rain!

With all of this talk of our economy I was bracing myself thinking that there would be a lack of customers and inevitably sales. However, to my surprise there were definitely those who were looking for unique handmade items and presents. I know personally I was very thankful for all of my customers. I met quite a few genuinely wonderful people. There are those that will go through your booth not wanting to make eye contact or engage in conversation yet it's always so nice when you get the opportunity to speak with others.

I already have the application for next years show and will return to Windsor again in the Spring.


Sukhada Gokhale said...

i had a similar experience yesterday at a local arts fair.
it was for those few meaningful interactions that made it so worthwhile for me.
thanks for sharing

Jan said...

What a nice experience for you, Destiny!

BTW, I've just TAGGED you and your blog! Hope you can "play". . .

Check out my most recent Blog Post for details! (Friday, Oct. 17)


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