Sunday, October 5, 2008

Hot Off the Press......

I had promised to post new items today and I almost didn't make my promise. Although, our local weatherman forecasted a sunny day it was a rainy one for most of the day. So after several months of photographing all of my work outdoors it was time to move the studio indoors. I would appreciate any feedback....I felt like such a newbie since what applies to outdoor photography goes out the window when you photograph indoors!

If you haven't joined my website mailing list, I encourage you to do so as I will be sending special coupons to all of my subscribers, which should come in handy as we approach the holiday season! One promise I can keep is to not spam you - I plan to send out a newsletter no more than 6 times a year.


kaboogie said...

I think the background in these is super....outside isn't always the best I see! Beautiful work!

Destiny's Creations said...

Audrey, thank you so much! It's a learning curve again photographing indoors after so many months of being outdoors! :)


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