Friday, November 23, 2007

For A Darling Little Girl

Click on the Link Below to get to the Etsy Shop:




elan said...

That dress is very cute, too bad I'm in the boys only club, I've ordered all grand daughters for 15 years from now!

Destiny's Creations said...

Elan, I saw that dress and I too am very jealous that I don't have a little girl :( My nieces are still too little for it, but I just thought it was simply adorable!

tootsiegrace said...

OMGoodness, thats my baby outfit! What a wonderful surprise to find it here! Thanks so much for including me!! :)

Destiny's Creations said...

Tootsie, you did such a beautiful job with your baby outfit! I just saw my niece and I think she may be the right size for it so I am definitely keeping it in mind for the holidays - it is simply adorable!


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