Monday, August 20, 2007

Vintage Remix

A dear friend of mine Mama Shartey who runs this wonderful shop on Ebay full of vintage goodies such as linens, silverware, buttons, etc. sent me a gorgeous array of beads from vintage jewelry pieces that she had.

Over the weekend I went to my local bead store and had these beautiful creme beads in mind and was looking for something to remix these with when I saw these beautiful taupe swarovski pearls and czech firepolished beads. I knew right away that I could come up with something beautiful for the beads that Mama Shartey had sent me.

I came home today and after a wonderful dinner felt inspired to create. What resulted were these earrings.

Now the problem I am having is deciding whether to keep them or list them. If I list them, do I list them on Etsy or on Ebay. Decisions, decisions.... :)


Cynthia Pack said...

Great looking blog! I will try to get your link added to TBO in the next couple of days! Thanks so much for posting the link! :) Have a great day!! :) Cindy

SignatureSterling~Untie the Ribbons! said...

Wonderful blog!! Love your survey and your lampwork rose earrings are beautiful! Peace,


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